Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Seuss Day

Last Thursday, I dropped my first grader off at school, and all of the teachers and staff were dressed like this:

And then, all the kids were dressed like this:

It was the anniversary of Dr. Seuss's birthday, and the school went all out--from a live performance of Seussical  by the middle school to Dr. Seuss birthday parties in every classroom.  It was crazy, silly mayhem all day long.  You've got to love a huge celebration for a children's book author.  Woo hoo!!!

Being the aspiring Martha-mom that I am (key word--aspiring ... I'll never actually be one--you should see some of these people, sheesh), I signed up to make a cake and help with my daughter's party.  Since everyone knows that I illustrate children's books, the bar is high for me.  People expect me to show up with this:

Or this:

But, after a jolt back into reality and a little bit of hair pulling, I made your basic Betty Crocker sheet cake and drew a picture of the Cat in the Hat in icing.  Like this:

It's fine.  It won't appear on Cake Wrecks (I hope not, anyway), but it won't win any kind of awards for the most fabulously stupendous Dr. Seuss cake either.  And, really, the kids barely even looked at the cake. They just wanted to cut it and eat it (and fight over the pieces with the gloopiest icing). I could have just picked up the generic "Happy Birthday" cake at Kroger, and it would have been just as good.

It would have been better actually because it would have been covered in crisco-icing blobby roses.

Ahhhh.  Live and learn.



  1. LOVE Dr. Seuss Day!! I think your cake looks fabulous!!

  2. It's adorable! My daughter's class is having Dr. Seuss WEEK this week. So fun. :-)

  3. The cake turned out fantastic! I love seeing the kids at school getting excited about Dr. Seuss. My family celebrates every year. Here is what we did:

  4. OMG. Your cake is awesome! I can't believe you did it. I would have had Kroger do it. ha! Loved seeing those other pics.

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