Monday, March 28, 2011

Two great contests!

Hi all!

Sorry for the wimpy post today. I'll be back. Soon ... I'm busy kickin' it to finish up my illustrations on time (deadline next week!!!).

Meanwhile, go and enter Jessi Kirby's contest as she counts down to the release of MOONGLASS. You will be inspired. I promise.

Any prize that has something to do with this place is worth trying to get, right?

AND, Carolina Valdez Miller (one of the nicest people I've never met!) has landed the agent of her dreams and his celebrating BIG!!  She's giving away a slew of prizes including a kindle. Check it out here.

Be back next week, y'all!!!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Deadline looms ...

 I'm back from a fabulous beach trip ... a beach trip on which I did NOT take any "work". Okay, I'll lose the quotes. Work. Because it is. I love what I'm doing and consider myself the luckiest person in the world, but it's still a whole lotta blood, sweat, tears and long hours of WORK. It's been especially time consuming these last few weeks as I really dug in and found my groove.

So, as a favor to my family, I decided that I was in a good enough position to finish my final illustrations on time, and I took a much-needed break to recharge and juice up for the final push.

And, that's where I am--the final juicy push. I've only got a few more pages of my book left to illustrate. I've saved the toughest ones for last (note to self--never do that again ... tackle the tricky ones FIRST), and I do have a consuming couple of weeks ahead, but I can see the end.

Okay, the end isn't an accurate thing to say. I'll still have to work on the cover artwork, and I fully expect to have to do some more tweaking to the illustrations (or even some full-blown redoes after it's all said and done). My wonderful art director has been incredible to work with--pushing me to make this book the best that it can be--and if she says to flip it upside down and paint everything with mustard and ketchup, I'll do it.

But, I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. We'll see ....


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Hiatus

Hey y'all!

I'm taking a spring break blog break this week at the beach.  See ya next week ...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Liar Society--Go PINK!!!

You may have noticed something that has gone viral among a certain group of people on Facebook and Twitter.

It's this:

Why the pink hair, you ask?

Well, it's to announce to the world that Lisa and Laura Roecker's long awaited book THE LIAR SOCIETY is finally out and on the shelves.

It's a mystery that opens with the main character receiving an email from her dead best friend.  Yeah--pretty much the best opening ever.  It's fast paced and fun (in a creepy way), and it's a great read for tweens and up. Check out the website.

It's almost spring break, so go and get your copy for the beach!

Here's what the other Bookanistas are up to today:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog fail!

Well, I'm late getting my Monday post up. I should actually say "post" since this really isn't going to be a post.

I just returned from a fabulous trip to New York where I got to meet my editors at Viking and hang out with my lovely agent Joanna Volpe.

And, I'm just too tired and covered under a laundry mountain to tell you anything else.

So, head over to Lisa and Laura's virtual launch party for THE LIAR SOCIETY and win lots of free books.