Thursday, April 14, 2011


I absolutely adore THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER by Jennifer LaRue Huget and LeUyen Pham.

I bought this book for two reasons:
       1) I adore LeUyen Pham's illustrations. Always. She's amazing, amazing, amazing.
       2) I had a panic attack because my book also has pink balloons on the cover ... and my book is about a birthday party ... yikes. (I'm happy to report that the story is completely different from mine--but dang! I wish I'd thought of this one!!)

The book begins with a girl counting down the days until her birthday party and as she plans her party, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger in her imagination--complete with elephants, ferris wheels and a birthday card from the President. When her real birthday rolls around, her mom and dad prepare a very normal birthday party for her--which is just fine because she has her friends, her cake, and a real live bunny as a gift.

Don't you remember doing this when you were little (or, heck, some of us still do it--daydreaming about that Oprah appearance anyone?)? It's so much fun to plan those bigger-than-life events, and I love how this little girl's birthday party is just fine. Even after all the daydreams of elephants.

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  1. OH!!!! This looks so good. Now that my kids are older, I don't read as many picture books and you know what...I miss that. LOVE

  2. This book sounds awesome and looks ADORABLE!!!

  3. It looks so great! I should read this with my kids. They'd love it.


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