Friday, August 19, 2011

Giving back

Good morning everyone!


What a wonderful thing it is to be part of a community that bands together to offer a free writing conference. A huge thank you to all of the conference organizers as well as all of the presenters. I am now fully inspired and ready to tackle my WIP that's been dragging me down.

And speaking of giving back.

When I sold my book, I made a decision: I was going to tithe all of the money the that I made from the sale of my books. That's 10% right off the top. I'm not going to tie myself to any one charity or group, but for now, I've donated most of my 10% to Leap Frog.

Leap Frog is an after school tutoring program here in Oxford, Mississippi. The school counselors and teachers for first and second graders select children who need a little extra help in school, and they come to our church and another church in town for two days a weeks after school (it's not a religious organization--the churches have just donated their facilities). The children in the program get one-on-one tutoring and homework help (yes!! there are an equal number of tutors and children--and most of the tutors are college students at Ole Miss). Then, the kids get a healthy snack and free time to play and hang out with their friends and tutors for the rest of the afternoon.

I chose Leap Frog for a few of reasons. The first was that their budget is small enough that my contribution actually makes a difference.The second was that, based on grades and testing, the Leap Frog kids actually improve--those reading and math scores go up significantly! And lastly, because my children go to public school, there is no "us" and "them". The kids in the program are our friends--we go to each others' houses and birthday parties--and we want everyone in our town to have a chance to succeed.

If everyone does a little bit (or a lot in some people's case), we can make a difference.

So, again. Thank you Jamie, Elana, Lisa, Laura, Casey and Shannon for giving back to our writing community. I hope that you're treating yourself to something caffeinated or sweet (or both) this morning.


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  1. You are amazing, my dear. What a great way to celebrate your success!


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