Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Madness

Hi all!

I'd just like to say that, yes. I'm one of those people. I've had the Missoni Target launch on my calendar for weeks, scrolling through the previews on an almost daily basis.

Why? you ask. Do you really need some knock off knits that will pick and stretch . . . sweater dresses that you will throw away after season. Is all of that really worth it?

My precious readers. THIS is why:

How incredibly fabulous is this luggage?

Anyway, here was my Plan A. Wake up at the crack of dawn (this is not hard because I do that anyway). Immediately log on to Target.com and buy the suitcase. No browsing. Just buy it. It's free shipping, so I figured I'd have the rest of the day to leisurely browse the sight for socks, makeup bags, cute melamine trays . . .

I went to sleep with my iPad next to my bed, and I woke up bleary eyed and headed straight for my precious suitcase.

It was ALREADY SOLD OUT. I couldn't believe it. So I started searching around. At least, I could get a couple of Christmas and birthday presents.

Then the Target site CRASHED. (Okay, I've just realized I'm using my Caps Lock button, ALOT--evidence of my insanity).

So, I had to do what any sane person would do and move to Plan B, which was to drop my kids off at school and high-tail it to the nearest target (an hour away). I got to the store, expecting crazy women fighting over knitwear and running through the store full throttle with their baskets. But what I saw was a normal slow Tuesday morning at Target. I could hear Muzak playing softly over the PA system (or I may have imagined that).

I walked to the suitcase area (okay, I power walked/jogged), and there it was. ONE. I grabbed it and threw it in my basket, covering it with my jacket so that no one would be tempted to steal it from me. Because people do that, you know. Um, did I mention that there was virtually NO ONE in the store?

Once the suitcase was secured, I strolled leisurely through the displays, grabbing a couple of tote bags to give as gifts. But, to my horror, many of the coolest things on the website (trays, drink ware, poufs) were not in the store, and there were little notes everywhere saying that there were "even more items available on the website!!" Dangit.

Anyway, I had my precious suitcase. So I checked out thinking, I'd just come home and get my stocking stuffers from the comfort of my couch. But guess what??? The Target site was down and is STILL down.

This, my precious unborn fawns, is insanity in its highest form. Who knew the world was this desperate for a bunch of cheap Missoni stuff? WHO KNEW????

 Well, Target did. Obviously.


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  1. Oh, my gosh! You are TOO funny!

    And yes, that IS fabulous luggage! :-)


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