Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New York bound!

Hi all!!

I'm heading to my favorite city in the world on Thursday, and I'm taking my soon-to-be-a-teenager daughter with me. We are both crazy thrilled, and I'm so glad to be able to take Anne with me. She's not a toddler . . . she's not eight . . . she's the perfect age to be thrilled by and to appreciate the magic of New York.

We've got a balanced mix planned of touristy things, bookish things, yummy things.

And of course, shopping.

I get a little sad as I watch my girls get older, but each phase we enter is a whole new set of wonderful (and, okay, I'll admit it--sometimes it's a whole new set of emotional land mines . . . ).

I'll blow the universe a kiss from the Staten Island Ferry. See you soon!



  1. Oh,that's so funny. I'll be in the city Thursday too! I'm meeting my agent (and editor) for the first time ever! She's in from California.

  2. Have fun! What a great get-away for you and your daughter!


  3. Say hello to my city for me! I just love NY and I love that you're now sharing it with your girl. I have already decided to take Livi when she 7 or 8 to introduce her to the real Broadway, shopping on 5th Avenue and St Patrick's where I lit candles praying for her adorable little butt year after year!

    Have a great time!


  4. I hope you had a great time, it sounds wonderful!!!


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