Monday, January 16, 2012

My Computer Now Goes to Eleven!

When I bought my MacBook Pro in 2007, I wasn't doing any sketching on my computer. I scanned in my pencil and paper sketches and added words to them to create book dummies. So when I bought my computer, I purchased the one with the smaller RAM (I'm thinking "RAM" is the right term to use here--I'm not much of a techie). In retrospect, not the smartest move.

But this worked fine for me until my husband bought me a WACOM tablet for Christmas and everything changed. Suddenly I was able to create drawings that looked like real pencil sketches right onto my computer screen.

I haven't given up my pencil and paper entirely, though. I still scan my original pencil sketches into my computer, using these as a jumping off point, but after that I use a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to revise, draw, and layout my book dummies. This has been a HUGE timesaver. I no longer have to redraw every spread using pencils and erasers OR have to wad up drawings and start over from scratch. 

But I ran into a problem. My computer was a snail and often crashed mid-revision. Tres frustrating! I'd been thinking about biting the bullet and getting a new computer, but I wasn't dying to spend the $$$. So I emailed my go-to illustrator friend Elizabeth Dulemba whose husband is a tech-god, and he sent me to a website where I could purchase memory cards that would DOUBLE my RAM for around $60. Sounds a whole lot better than paying thousands for a new computer, yes?

My memory cards arrived in the mail on Thursday, and following instructions on the Apple site, I nervously took my computer apart. Have I mentioned that I'm NOT a techie? This was one of the scariest things that I have ever done, but the entire operation took all of fifteen minutes. When I restarted my computer, I held my breath as it took it's sweet time coming back to me. 

My computer, post-op, resting comfortably on a towel. 

But come back she did--and she flies! I even removed the lime green hard shell case that I've had for years, and this baby's looking sleek and silver. It's like I have a brand new computer--or at least one that's been botoxed, pinned up and whipped into shape by a Hollywood fitness guru. 

Yeah--watch out 2012!! I'm ready for you.



  1. LOl, congrats on your like-new computer!

  2. Wahooo!!!! Now if it were only that easy to get ourselves whipped into shape like that too. (Without the botox, pin ups, and whip ups.) :) e

  3. Since my son was drawing all of his pictures on paper and scanning them into the computer, I got him a lower end drawing tablet. He often uses it to edit his scanned paper drawings. Glad you are all up to date now!

  4. Congrats on the quick (and $$$ saving) fix.

  5. Nice reference! I'm not techie either and that would have all been a bit much for me. Good for you for tackling it!

  6. I have 3 computers (pcs), all old and all slow. I never thought seriously about a mac until I read the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson I got for Christmas. Now, I want to go all mac. But, yes, money is an issue. Apple must be changing b/c at one time they made their computers so only trained techs with special tools could work on them.

    Anyway, interesting post. And I linked here from Wendy's blog.


  7. Good thing you found a computer where you can do your sketches directly. And a higher RAM can really be handy as you can install many programs and software and store digital files. And it’s good that you upgraded yours; you can now install programs such as Photoshop and Painter that can surely help you with your sketches.

    @Lance Vartanian

  8. “My Computer Now Goes to Eleven!” – Yay for that! I think that itself is an achievement! You really know how to take care of your gadgets. And good move on upgrading the memory. This will give you a lot of room to save your work without affecting the speed of your PC. [Benita Bolland]

  9. I only knew a few people who can honestly say that they’re not a techie person. :)) My sister is one of those people. Every time her laptop is in trouble, she just asks for the help of our cousin who’s a computer expert. It’s funny how she overreacts whenever her lappy scares her. :p

    Ruby Badcoe


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