Monday, February 6, 2012


 The lovely Carol A. Bender (aka children's author extraordinaire) was kind enough to bestow this award upon me:

The word Liebster is German, in English it means beloveddeardearest, or love. Awww, to be loved and appreciated, isn't that what we all want? 

Today I am a winner. Carol loved my blog and passed the award to me. 

The Liebster Award is given to lovable blogs with less than 200 followers to recognize worthiness and drive more readers to them.... and hopefully generate higher Follower numbers. I am thankful for all the followers I have and for future followers as well.

As a recipient I am supposed to list 5 tidbits about myself that others may not know:

1.  I saw Elvis in concert when I was in first grade (the real Elvis)
2.  On a good day, I can do a killer handstand.
3.  I graduated from high school with Kathryn Stockett and Tate Taylor (The Help).
4.  I freaked out last month and dyed my hair red. I'm waiting for it to fade away . . .
5.  I absolutely adore the super-supportive children's lit community.

Okay, so now, I'm supposed to tag 5 other blogs as award recipients. I've found all of these through the 12 x 12 in '12 Challenge. Go and pay everyone a visit and be sure to follow their blogs!

Happy Monday!


  1. You can do a handstand? You are my hero. So fun to find out more about you.

  2. Congrats on the award! Can't wait til your book comes out!

  3. I am honored, Sarah! Thank you! I love your blog and look forward to reading your books! Happy Writing!

  4. lol, I hope you have many more reasons to do handstands and cartwheels.


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