Monday, February 13, 2012

So does this make me a hoarder?

Recently my daughter said, "Hey mom . . . what's the deal with all the glass jars?"
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well, you kinda have jars everywhere."
"But I use them for painting. I put water in them to clean out my brushes and stuff like that," I said.
"Uh, mom. You have ONE jar that you keep on your desk and you wash it out and reuse it."
"Okay, I know. But everything is going to plastic--I mean peanut butter and mayonnaise and baby food jars? All plastic. One day they're going to quit making glass jars altogether and then where will we be? Besides, you can't recycle jars anywhere around here and I hate throwing them away." As I said this, I actually felt myself becoming panicky about the prospect of a world without glass jars.

Then my daughter gave me that look (the one that says "whatever . . . but I think you're a nutcase")  and she walked away.

But I started thinking. Was my obsession with jars becoming pathological? Was I going to be the next intervention featured on the show Hoarders?

I've always liked to think of my decorating style as "trying to look like the Anthropologie store" with a healthy mix of coolness and clutter.

This is the Anthropologie Store (not my house--sigh).

 However, I do have a really hard time throwing anything away, so I started looking around my house for stashes of jars.

My utility room--not so bad, right?

A cabinet in my studio.

Medicine cabinet (yikes--I actually put this up a few months ago so that I would have a place to put jars).

So, now it's getting scary. This is a piece of furniture that is out on my screen porch.

Hmmm. I'm realizing that it just might be time to stop saving jars. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that there are other stashes that I haven't even shown you (eek). So starting today, the next jar of pickles or salsa that we finish, is going in the trash can.

Unless I can find someone else who needs some glass jars. Any takers??



  1. This is hysterical. I agree with your daughter. TOO MANY JARS. Though I must say, that medicine cabinet with them is kinda pretty. Maybe you should put votive candles in them?

  2. lol, I think we all hoard something, sometime. I had a very bad habit of saving egg cartons (even when I didn't have chickens). Good luck thinning your collection.

  3. I am so going to start saving glass jars, too. (I don't want to live in a world with no glass jars!!)


  4. I love your glass jars, and I have to admit, I got a tiny wave of panic when I thought about plastic replacing the glass! My friend has old glass jars lined up on the ledge of her porch--her house is very old, and she has dug up all of the jars on her property over the years!

  5. Ha! So your daughter gave you the intervention talk. Too funny!

  6. Wow! I landed on your blog because of your post on 7 imp. things. I was not expecting to see the jars! I too had a jar hoarding problem. We had so many that I had to start storing them in the cellar.
    One day I saw an ad in the paper that a bride who was doing a DIY wedding needed jars for glasses and vases. I unloaded all of my jars on her.
    Now I rinse and recycle.


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