Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playroom Redo

A few years ago, our playroom was featured in Southern Living magazine. The photographer came to take pictures of some other rooms in our house, and while he was there my girls (look how young they were!) were in their playroom cutting and drawing the whole time. After shoving lots of clutter behind him and away from the camera lens, he snapped their picture and they made it into the magazine. Voila!

Here is the same room today:

As my girls have gotten older, their playroom has turned into a junky closet where they store all of their games and art supplies. Now, they only use that room for internet surfing and homework that requires their computer, and they bring games and projects into the kitchen.  

Soooo . . . in a few short weeks, it's bye-bye playroom!

Our house is an older house which had been cut into three apartments when we bought it. The playroom had been added on as a kitchen in the 1970s, and it's the only room that we didn't redo when we did our massive renovation about ten years ago. The room is pretty much rotten and poorly insulated, and we had always planned to take it down eventually.

And now, we've inherited a beautiful, very long dining room table that won't fit into our current dining room . . . also in Southern Living a few years ago:

So now our old dining room will become our den which is currently in a narrow room that is more hallway than functional space. We're so excited to finally have a room in which we can all fit to watch a movie as a family.

Fingers crossed that the Historical Preservation Committee approves our plans . . . . I'll keep you posted!


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