My Studio

I am a voyeur at heart, and one of my favorite things to do is look at people's workspaces.  Mine is off of the back of my garage (where most people have a storage room).  It's small, cozy, and all MINE.

This is my drafting table that I've had since ninth grade (it was the one and only thing I wanted for Christmas).  I love it, but it's getting a little rough and Restoration Hardware has a dreamy one in their catalog.  Someday ...

My writing chair was exiled from our living room because of holes and general sagginess.  I recovered the ottoman with remnants of a crazy quilt that I found in my grandmother's closet.   We uncovered the fabulous old cyprus planks behind some of the walls in our house when we were renovating.

My desk is in a perpetual state of messiness.  It's made from more of the cyprus planks (yes, I realize that there is a general theme here of salvage/dumpster diving).

And, I must show you my floor.  My mother found out that new owners were renovating our former home. When she rode by, she saw the heart pine floors that she had painstakingly pulled from a falling-down historic home in Natchez, Mississippi, being thrown into a dumpster!  

So, she did what every modern day Scarlett O'Hara would do and borrowed a truck and yanked those floors from the garbage.  They are battered, bruised and paint-splattered.  Perfect.